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Neon Flicker
Mellits: String Quartets Nos. 3,4,5
The Chamber Music of Marc Mellits
Rhythm of Silence
Got Stung
Reich: NY Cpt / Mellits: Black
Guerrilla New Music
Patterns, UCF Percussion
American Journey, Roger McVey
Octuorissimo: Le Maître & l'Elève
Mix Tape,  Andrew Russo
Convergence, Strike
Paranoid Cheese, Mellits Consort
Common Sense Composers Collective
Melville's Dozen,  Nicola Melville
Electric Kompany, Electric Kompany
Steve Reich, Marc Mellits
Dirty Little Secret, Andrew Russo
Back To Yourself, Christian Elin
Black, Sqwonk
Time Scape, Dave Camwell
Écouter, Écouter
Beyond Shadows, The Nu:BC Collective
Serendipity, Society for New Music
Los Angeles New Music Ensemble
Perspectives, Roger McVey
Escape Velocity, Clocks In Motion
Groove Machine, h2 Quartet
Differential Moods, Jeff Loeffert
Tight Sweater, Real Quiet
The Shock of the Old
Deviations, Dominic Frasca
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