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Mellits Consort

The Mellits Consort is an ensemble devoted to the music of Marc Mellits. It is an amplified group consisting of amplified Violin, amplified Cello, Electric Guitar, amplified Marimba, and Keyboard. The music is both hard edged and rhythmic as well as lyrical and sultry. The repetitive nature of the sounds often propels the music forward, spiraling into groove patterns with soaring lyricism. The combinations of instrumentation and timbre often results in a unique scoring always aware of moving the music forward. The ensemble has thrilled audiences throughout the US as well as Europe, sometimes incorporating video into the concert.



Kevin Gallagher, Electric Guitar
Danny Tunick, amplified Marimba
Cristina Buciu, amplified Violin
Elizabeth Simkin, amplified Cello
Marc Mellits, Keyboard

Broken Glass - Excerpt
Dreadlocked - Excerpt
Machine IV - Excerpt
Machine V - Excerpt
Paranoid Cheese - Excerpt
Zrenden Rodejan, Marija! - Excerpt
Troica - Excerpt

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