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Instrumentation: Soprano Saxophone Duo

Duration: 6'30"

Year: 2024



Score & parts: available 05/01/25
"Swirl" is currently under performance exclusivity and will be available spring 2025, for performances after 06/01/25.

Program note:

“Swirl” was written in loving memory of my good friend, colleague, my all things saxophone guru, José Riojas (1982-2020).  José had suggested I write a Soprano Saxophone duo for him and our mutual friend Paula Van Goes.  Even the title, “Swirl,” was José’s idea.  After his sudden and untimely passing, Paula put together a consortium of loving musicians and friends for the creation of “Swirl.”  The two lines of “Swirl” are forever intertwined and interconnected.  They rely and embrace each other, much like we all relied and embraced our dear super-hero friend.  The resulting sound is one of inseparableness and symbiotic inter-connection.  The two saxophones form both melodic and harmonic content always together, allowing the music to unfold and swirl to the heavens as one.


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